Session B4 – Open Data Policy Development in Asia

Date: 20 July 2012 (Friday)

Time: 11:30 – 13:00

Venue: Room 17606

Following the thematic workshops on public sector information and open data at the UN Internet Governance Forum in Vilnius (2010) and Nairobi (2011), this workshop shall discuss the current open data developments across the Asia Pacific región.

The public sector is one of the largest producer of data; making this data available in machine-readable, open formats for re-use through third parties from business and civil Society is one of the key measures for development in information-based economies.

Since 2008/2009, several national governments have introduced open data sites, where machine-readable datasets containing traffic, statistical, health, environmental data and others can be download for comercial and non-commercial use.

Some countries already created portals listing open datasets, others are developing policy frameworks for digital re-use of data.

The workshop aims to strenghten regional collaboration on open data among all stakeholders, from government, prívate sector & NGO.

Past IGF Workshops:

  • IGF workshop 123, Nairobi 2011. Public Sector Information online: towards a Global policy framework: Workshop Report
  • IGF workshop 120, Vilnius 2010. Public Sector Information online: democratic, social and economic potentials: Workshop Report


ModeratorMs. Waltraut Ritter, Managing Director, Knowledge Dialogues Hong Kong


  • Mr. Tomoaki Watanabe, Center for Global Communications, Int’l University of Japan
  • Mr.  Thongchai Saengsiri,  Ministry of and Communication Technology, Thailand (invited)
  • Mr. TH Schee, Fertta, Taiwan
  • Ms. Keitha Booth, Programme Leader, NZ Open Government Information and Data Programme