Session M4 – International Public Policy and Internet Governance Issues Pertaining to the Internet

Date: 20 July 2012 (Friday)

Time: 11:30 – 13:00

Venue: Room 17610, 6th Floor, Building No.17, Aoyama Campus, Aoyama Gakuin University

The Internet is a vital strategic communications infrastructure for the Asia Pacific region, and so the future evolution of the Internet is a hugely important policy issue for individuals, business and government alike across the region. The region is the most  diverse and dynamic in the world and the formulation of a unified and coherent regional view on such an important policy issue is very challenging.  With internet governance becoming increasingly important, efforts are underway by some countries in Asia Pacific and elsewhere to change the nature of internet governance; moving from a relatively open multi-stakeholder model to a more closed, government led system of governance. What is the best evolution Internet governance path for Internet users of Asia Pacific to follow?  This workshop will discuss the competing paths currently under discussion and seek to offer delegates a comprehensive understanding of the issues.


ModeratorMr. Jeremy Malcolm, Consumers International


  • Mr Hasanul Aaq Inu,  Member, Bangladesh National Parliament; Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee for Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Mr. Atsushi Umino, Director for International Policy Coordination, Global ICT Strategy Bureau (MIC)
  • Mr. Sunil Abraham, Center for Internet & Society, India
  • Mr. David Farrar, Director of Curia Market Research
Panelists –
  • Mr. Naoya BesshoGeneral Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Yahoo Japan Corporation
  • Mr. William DrakeInternational Fellow & Lecturer, Media Change & Innovation Division, IPMZ, University of Zurich, Switzerland